Welcome to The EQ Dojo

A place to practice emotional intelligence together.

About Us

In this virtual Dojo we study and practice the principles of EQ-DŌ. EQ-DŌ is a mind/body practice of emotional intelligence that leads us to a more grounded, centered, peaceful, flow state that supports collaborative relationships both professionally and personally. The chief instructor, Susan Dutton, is an aikido teacher and an emotional intelligence coach.

Inside this community you will find a typical social media interface. Questions, polls, articles, and more are posted several times per week to help you remain mindful of applying emotional intelligence to your every day life. In addition, classes are offered 5 times per week, allowing you flexibility to attend one of them as your schedule allows. The classes reinforce the principles of EQ-DŌ with activities and practices that help you grow.

Why You Should Join Us

Do you struggle to maintain collaborative relationships at home or at work? Do you have trouble feeling at home in your own skin? Would you like to develop your leadership presence, or take your leadership to the next level? Join us!